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bullet kevez
Is this Clan still going
27 Jan : 09:41
bullet codpeace
ill be there 2020 put me down
22 Mar : 11:25
bullet Ripper
im not dead but im still happy miss you all in a weird way ..... but it was class make room for june 2020 re union ill start to organise i need mre than 10 to turn up though lol
14 Mar : 01:45
bullet Mobster
I'm still here....sort of
14 Dec : 06:36
bullet Elvis
but we're not still here really
11 Dec : 21:31
bullet DazzerG
06 Dec : 09:03
bullet Reddog
I think you need to update the front page to 'We are pleased to be still here after 15 years'. If I recall correctly the clan was started in 2002 maybe 2003 but that would have been a year after the mohaa release..
04 Dec : 03:15
bullet Mobster
Hi Kevez , all good thanks , not many of us playing much these days , I'm just playing PUBG with rucker -- hooked on it lol
06 Nov : 06:36
bullet kevez
Hi mobby
Thing are all good!!
How about yourself is there anyone playing games anymore?
27 Oct : 16:11
bullet Deathwish
Good afternoon ladies and gents
27 Oct : 13:01
bullet Mobster
Hi Kevez how's things ?
21 Oct : 17:56
bullet kevez
20 Oct : 20:23
bullet Ripper
sounds like fun
19 Feb : 20:34
bullet M@vrik
Spoke to our current host for TS and server - TS will be back on line.
Also have availability of Battalion 1944 server if we want to try out?
17 Feb : 10:55
bullet Ripper
go for it mav cheers mate
11 Feb : 20:27

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CoD4 Server

just using this to see if we can get a google index {DoWUK Link} or click here to get DoWUK into the ATI google listing ... {DoWUK Link}

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