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bullet Ripper
hi guys we now have a new ts the ip is :9988
16 Apr : 19:49
bullet Rucker
ripper you said you had eset cleaning prog. If i need it can you point me in right direction pls
16 Apr : 16:24
bullet B!azey*
i will be on 2nite if you need a hand sorting it out
15 Apr : 15:02
bullet M@vrik
New TS sorted, well it will be tomorrow night ... too late now
15 Apr : 00:06
bullet Ripper
im on now m8
13 Apr : 19:18
bullet Rucker
ripper need to chat with you later, EA help pls
13 Apr : 17:52
bullet Ripper
might be looking for players tonight blazey has to work
09 Apr : 19:48
bullet M@vrik
Coddy get yer butt on m8
06 Apr : 20:10
bullet Claymore
Rucks grass is greener!
06 Apr : 08:48
bullet codpeace
can we not still have a vote and ive got 5 votes
05 Apr : 23:18
bullet Rucker
see our grass is greener then? lol
05 Apr : 18:22
bullet Mobster
welcome back Mav
05 Apr : 14:15
bullet M@vrik

05 Apr : 08:51
bullet codpeace
o no heeeeeees back or was that johny
03 Apr : 19:56
bullet B!azey*
welcome home M@V good to see you back
03 Apr : 17:59

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