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bullet Fitzy
Checked every folder in all 3 apps
10 May : 17:33
bullet Mobster
nope, not in your trash box ?
10 May : 17:24
bullet Fitzy
Anyone having any issues with the email redirect? Been waiting for an email for 12 hours and none of my dowuk emails are coming through
10 May : 17:21
bullet DazzerG
For anybody that loved Sid Meier's Gettysburg, then you should get the following as Steam have it for 50% off at the mo.
{DoWUK Link}
25 Apr : 12:26
bullet Fitzy
I play the triangle
22 Apr : 16:50
bullet B!azey*
interclan for Wednesday in vwar
21 Apr : 02:44
bullet Fitzy
I play the triangle
19 Apr : 10:39
bullet DazzerG
English Symphony Orchestra.
I think Fitzy was inviting us to come and watch him play at the Albert Hall.
16 Apr : 12:18
bullet Fitzy
Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim/ Oblivion etc. MMO

{DoWUK Link}

it's free to play now
16 Apr : 11:14
bullet Rucker
whats ESO?
16 Apr : 10:01
bullet Fitzy
took me god knows how long to install ESO and I haven't seen Maj or Mac since! bastards
14 Apr : 15:40
bullet Deathwish
evening ladies and gents
11 Apr : 21:51
bullet B!azey*
interclan 2nite????
08 Apr : 18:27
bullet B!azey*
if anyone is up for a game 2nite i will be around
06 Apr : 17:37
bullet Rucker
i'll play tonight, can't log in vwar for some reason
05 Apr : 17:00

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