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bullet M@vrik
22 Oct : 00:47
bullet Elvis
anyone know what the TS ip is?
19 Oct : 19:08
bullet Ripper
still 2 1/2 short for tonight... 12 last week 4 this week.. come on guys
12 Oct : 16:33
bullet Rucker
lo matey nice to know ur still about
11 Oct : 22:16
bullet Deathwish
Man buzz me if you still need someone for the artwork. I might be able to help.
11 Oct : 14:03
bullet Deathwish
Hello all, how's it going?
11 Oct : 13:56
bullet Elvis
thanks Dennis
09 Oct : 19:33
bullet B!azey*
Oh my ONLY 1 person signed up for sunday come on guys need more names as its a league match
09 Oct : 17:41
bullet codpeace
happy birthday elvis
08 Oct : 08:22
bullet Rucker
old as ur hat
06 Oct : 18:39
bullet M@vrik
How old do you need to be to be an 'Oldy' Is there an application form in the forum

05 Oct : 16:30
bullet Rucker
whats happened to all the oldies? They can't all be ignorant as not post/speak. We all old pals, whats going on?
04 Oct : 19:01
bullet B!azey*
Need more names down for sunday come on guys lol lol and more for the midweek inter clan war
02 Oct : 22:53
bullet Ripper
need a few more names for tomorrow night ... come on guys we need the practise
29 Sep : 21:17
bullet B!azey*
Anyone coming on tonight????? ?
27 Sep : 19:28

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CoD4 Server
Welcome to DoWUK ...
We are.... what we are

We are pleased to be still here after 10 years

DoWUK and the ATI -League go hand in hand ... We just need a little direction

Inspire Me!
QUOTE of the week.....Just remember 'don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'

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