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bullet DazzerG
Sorted, cheers!
28 Mar : 23:17
bullet Ripper
anyone with problems logging into vwar read the forum thread
28 Mar : 22:57
bullet DazzerG
I tried it with IE and joy!
28 Mar : 21:35
bullet B!azey*
looks like it will work with Internet Explore
28 Mar : 18:36
bullet B!azey*
we need ripper to have a look at vwar to get it working again lol
28 Mar : 18:27
bullet Mobster
no problem dazza i need help too now lol
28 Mar : 16:13
bullet DazzerG
Thanks for your help Mobby!

Guys, looks like vWar is fooked!

Dont log out, cos you wont be able to sign back in.
28 Mar : 15:47
bullet DazzerG
Still cant sign-in, but am available to play Sunday.
28 Mar : 14:08
bullet Ripper
thnx sean was lovely talking too you xx
23 Mar : 00:33
bullet M@vrik
Prob, Thraxy he had a bit of sorting to do - transferred webhosting to new box
22 Mar : 13:57
bullet B!azey*
it wasn't me
21 Mar : 22:14
bullet DazzerG
Well they didnt do a very good job, cos I cant sign in???
21 Mar : 21:04
bullet Elvis
I know who it wasn't
21 Mar : 12:35
bullet Ripper
who fixed the vwar ? thnx was just going in to take a look
20 Mar : 20:53
bullet Elvis
17 Mar : 19:47

Server launcher

DoWUK CoD4 Match Server Server


Requires x-fire installed

CoD4 Server
Welcome to DoWUK ...
We are.... what we are

We are pleased to be still here after 10 years

DoWUK and the ATI -League go hand in hand ... We just need a little direction

Inspire Me!
QUOTE of the week.....Just remember 'don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'

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