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bullet Ripper
vwar is up and running properly now if you cant login pm me or blaze and we will give temp passy which you can change when you login .. dont forget crt f5 if you get a database error
14 Jul : 20:23
bullet Rucker
blazey check my post mate. or ripper
12 Jul : 08:57
bullet Rucker
can't login
11 Jul : 11:10
bullet B!azey*
vwar is sort of fixed now to sign up click on the tab v war at the top of the page then click on next war and sign in then sign up and thks for the hard work ripper
10 Jul : 23:17
bullet Ripper
make sure ur firewall isnt blocking it if you have upgrade you have changed the signiture on the exe file and your firewall may not recognise it
06 Jul : 13:47
bullet Rucker
lo matey, usual. anyone having trouble loading new TS client?
04 Jul : 18:26
bullet Ripper
doing well m8 hope your well normal a few guys on ts ob a sunday night should call in for a chat x
04 Jul : 18:18
bullet Deathwish
hello guys, long time no speak - how are we all doing?
04 Jul : 09:46
bullet Rucker
Not sure about that. Top chemist opinion.
{DoWUK Link}
02 Jul : 19:47
bullet Ripper
interesting read nice find angel
30 Jun : 19:05
bullet AngelofDeath
hey Rucker google 5676977
30 Jun : 17:51
bullet Rucker
only asked, what a goal van,great cross.
13 Jun : 19:46
bullet Rucker
can someone in admin put a world cup channel on TS. Thought it might be a good idea we can chat while watching.
12 Jun : 18:11
bullet Rucker
09 Jun : 19:38
bullet DazzerG
6hrs left for this bundle.
{DoWUK Link}
The stand out item is 'Strategic War in Europe' for anybody that likes old-skool turn-based wargames.
08 Jun : 18:54

Server launcher

DoWUK CoD4 Match Server Server


Requires x-fire installed

CoD4 Server
Welcome to DoWUK ...
We are.... what we are

We are pleased to be still here after 10 years

DoWUK and the ATI -League go hand in hand ... We just need a little direction

Inspire Me!
QUOTE of the week.....Just remember 'don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'

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