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bullet Mobster
{DoWUK Link} not a bad place for cheap pc games
01 Sep : 20:58
bullet Elvis
Turkey gobble gobble
27 Aug : 22:09
bullet Rucker
where you been?
27 Aug : 14:08
bullet Elvis
yes, we had to make our own breakfast yesterday
26 Aug : 17:00
bullet Ripper
26 Aug : 16:45
bullet Rucker
steam weekend oooh,
20 Aug : 19:33
bullet B!azey*
sent you a pm slayer with the ts info
19 Aug : 17:30
bullet Slayer
Cheers Rucker

Well ....I would join TS if I knew the password
19 Aug : 16:33
bullet Rucker
nice 1
19 Aug : 14:38
bullet Slayer
Hi guys.....I'm back Finally got an internet connection after over a year with a shite 5mb. Back with a 50mb connection so should be ok. Will join you all on TS soon

All the best

17 Aug : 20:00
bullet Ripper
ruck coddy me and elvis are away this weekend need one of you to play sunday if you can ,,, its sgr and we are drawn at mo so would like to filed a team thnx
06 Aug : 19:27
bullet Mobster
03 Aug : 15:33
bullet Ripper
it was interesting eveybody wants to read it you should be grateful
03 Aug : 12:01
bullet Rucker
whats with the amount of views on the ebola thread?
03 Aug : 11:39
bullet M@vrik
31 Jul : 20:00

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Welcome to DoWUK ...
We are.... what we are

We are pleased to be still here after 10 years

DoWUK and the ATI -League go hand in hand ... We just need a little direction

Inspire Me!
QUOTE of the week.....Just remember 'don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'

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