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bullet Ripper
happy birthday dazza late as usual hope you had a great day
16 Aug : 19:27
bullet M@vrik
I've not yet, but I know a few in ATI have and it works OK
15 Aug : 22:38
bullet Rucker
not me, sticking with win7
11 Aug : 11:30
bullet DazzerG
Anyone upgraded to Win10, and can confirm that COD4 works ok?
09 Aug : 18:04
bullet DazzerG
Is there a match on tonight?
09 Aug : 12:42
bullet Mobster
enjoy coddy
07 Aug : 22:03
bullet codpeace
off on my holls to corfu see you in 2 weeks boys
07 Aug : 10:56
bullet B!azey*
Thanks elvis and ripper for help got my pc back to how it should be thanks again guys for all your help hope you both av a good holday x
30 Jul : 00:21
bullet B!azey*
happy birthday mav
26 Jul : 17:57
bullet M@vrik
Cheers m8, will be out for dinner but should be on when I get back ...

26 Jul : 17:36
bullet Ripper
happy birthday mav
26 Jul : 15:11
bullet M@vrik
How do you add wars in vwar, mine has no admin at side anymore??
16 Jul : 19:25
bullet codpeace
np but not any time no
16 Jul : 18:54
bullet Mobster
Anytime Mav
15 Jul : 04:28
bullet M@vrik
Big thanks to the guys that managed to give me an hour or 2 of their time to test server ... hopefully it is working now!
14 Jul : 22:31

Server launcher

DoWUK CoD4 Match Server Server


Requires GSC installed

CoD4 Server

Welcome to DoWUK ...
We are.... what we are

We are pleased to be still here after 10 years

DoWUK and the ATI -League go hand in hand ... We just need a little direction

Inspire Me!
QUOTE of the week.....Just remember 'don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant'

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