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Fri Mar 27 2009, 10:15pm

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Launch date = 10th Nov 2009

Some thoughts.....

*I posted this same comment at earlier Having combed the trailer and read other sites’ analyses, I have formulated a theory that as far as I know no one else has thought of. Now, other sites are saying that the translation of the Russian line at the end is something like “God is with us” and “Revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation.” Now another thing oft pointed out was what appears to be a series of 4 Perk icons in the upper right corner of the frame as the gunmen in the trailer exit the elevator, most identifiable being the Stopping Power Perk. People keep saying there are 3 gunmen in the elevator, when in fact there are 4, given the viewer takes the perspective of the fourth gunmen. These guys are obviously the bad guys, as they are opening gunfire in an airport. By my understanding, all these pieces come together to form one cohesive tease of a possibly groundbreaking new mode. Perks, 4 Gunmen, The scene taking place from the Terrorist/Revolutionary’s point of view: There is a new Co-op mode that supports 4 players, utilizes perks from multiplayer, and there is a campaign from the Russian Revolutionary/Terrorist side of the conflict. I could be way off, but imagine if I’m right. Four-player co-op is just expected at this point (considering World at War had it) and Perks in Co-op would add a cool new layer to the proceedings. But the biggest possibility presented by this trailer is a Terrorist campaign. It would be a ballsy move on Infinity Ward’s part and has the potential to radically and explosively change the dynamic of the campaign. It would be the equivalent of any of the WWII based CoD games featuring a campaign from the perspective of a Nazi soldier, and has the potential to be shocking, gripping, and engaging. I’m waiting with baited breath for more news either confirming or denying my theory.

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