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Geography of Humans
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Tue Feb 10 2009, 01:04pm
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- Between 18 and 25, a woman is like Africa : -
wild, naturally beautiful and full of mysterious, fertile deltas.

- Between 26 and 34, a woman is like America : -
well-developed and open for trade, especially for those with stacks of money.

- Between 35 and 44, a woman is like India : -
sensual, relaxed, in full bloom, aware of her beauty.

- Between 45 and 54, a woman is like France : -
deliciously mature, still a pleasant destination to visit.

- Between 55 and 60, a woman is like Yugoslavia : -
a lost war, haunted by the mistakes of the past. Major reconstruction work is mostly the only answer.

- Between 61 and 65, a woman is like Russia : -
vast, with undefined frontier. The cold climate puts off any potential visitors.

- Between 66 and 70, a woman is like Mongolia : -
a glorious past, great conquests, but without a future.

- After 70, a woman is like Afghanistan : -
many know its whereabouts, but no-one dares to venture there...


- Between 15 and 90, a man is like Zimbabwe : -
ruled by a dick...

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