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hello dowuk
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Mon Sep 29 2008, 07:39pm
sound cheers!
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Sui Sol
Tue Sep 30 2008, 12:33pm
The 'whats going on ere then' Guy
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Joined: Mon Apr 23 2007, 05:33pm
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kZ wrote ...

I was wondering about joining the prestigious DoWUK, is there some sort of application?

cheers kZ! !lol

The only application requirements are:
1. Dont bring DC400 with you ....
2. Accept a good toobing from the boys

If you can do both of those then Im sure you will be set
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Tue Sep 30 2008, 01:55pm
I noticed there is an ati match against [TEAM] tonight! good luck with it! get a coulpe of kills in there for me x)

May I ask why?

SuicideSolution wrote ...
1. Dont bring DC400 with you ....

[ Edited Tue Sep 30 2008, 01:57pm ]
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Tue Sep 30 2008, 04:24pm
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all sorted then? sorry couldnt make it on to vent to talk to u Kz, went pickin magic mushrooms and sort of didnt get back (to earth ) til middle of the night
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Tue Sep 30 2008, 06:47pm
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Now for a sensible answer Kz
Just catch us on vent and one of us will run you through it all.
Basically you join us for a 2 week trial and if we like each other then a vote will be cast, if all agree you're in.
We normally pay subs of £10 every quarter to cover the game servers, website, vent server and Rippers wine fund (normally the £1.99 a bottle cheapo plonk is good enough for him) !lol
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Tue Sep 30 2008, 07:14pm
The Website Guy

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When did he start spending the extra £1 on his wine ??
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