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Sorry guys
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:40pm
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Joined: Tue Apr 24 2007, 06:29pm
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I've been trying my very best to get back in the game ever since last october. (Don't have to tell you guys why I reckon) But I'm finding it very hard to find the time to get behind the PC. Sometimes it's frustrating like hell... but I've decided to make things very easy on myself...

I've deleted MoH:AA, CoD4 and even Guild Wars from my PC. No more gaming for me. This month I payed my subs (since a very long time). Please consider it a donation. I'm signing off permanently.

I'd like to thank all of you for the support over the past few months and even more for all the fragging, banter and fun over the past few years. You are all great guys and off course a great MellyG! (soon to be a great mom!) You take good care of that little Doc and Melly for me Dazz!!

Clay, my bestest of internet buddies... I'll miss ya m8, you know why!

Loz, same. We had some great evenings... I'll never forget that entire day on that Dutch server... that was the most fun I ever had online. Still have the screenies.

Sean, I won't miss your shouting and accent (FFS). I will miss your great sence of humor! (BF2 king)

Mac, you still playing CoH? Had some fun on that. Take care buddy.

Rucker?! Find a real hobby and stop posting those ramblings... although I must admit I always read them (I don't know whats more sad: posting them or reading them?)

And off course:
There are simply to much of you great guys to name all of you seperatly... I love you all and will probably miss you lot very soon! Take care.

Doc signing off for the very last time!


[ Edited Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:41pm ]
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:49pm

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Joined: Mon Apr 23 2007, 10:48pm
Posts: 1587
We have had some great characters in DoWUK and you Doc are one of them. I wish you well in your future exploits. Remember to keep vent installed... we are always here for you if you change your mind. With Ouzadan and Deathwish who went AWOL for a few years its never the end of a relationship... its just you might not be around for a while.

I can say without a doubt you will be missed... especially by the lazy shits who wont learn photoshop... your avatars are your legacy m8 first class and I think everyone will join me in wishing you a swift return...

Take care mate.. remember you cant keep a good dog down
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:49pm
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Joined: Wed Apr 25 2007, 12:59pm
Posts: 365
never say never!

take it easy mate and look after yourself
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:54pm

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Joined: Thu Apr 19 2007, 09:02am
Posts: 2525
Awwwww no

I was disappointed the first time u left, even knowing youd come back :o

Then when youd come on id be very happy ...and hten ye came back

But now...gone...again...permanently ....pls just even come on vent or xfire or msn for a chat now and again buddy

Ye dont even have to play the game

You'll be missed, and good luck with the new house and the new job

Your buddy Seán
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:57pm

Registered Member #12
Joined: Fri Apr 20 2007, 03:15pm
Posts: 1158
What a sad day when we have no more Doc Love

Can't tell you how much me & Melly have missed you m8, but always had the hope that you were only on 'vacation' and would be back soon.

I miss your tales of bravado enacted by DOGS, they were legendary.

I hope that this isn't farewell, and that you will find the time to come back some day.

Enjoy your life and hurry back.
Daz & Mel (and bump) !lol

[ Edited Wed Jun 11 2008, 06:58pm ]
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 09:20pm
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Joined: Sat Mar 29 2008, 03:50pm
Posts: 266
sorry to see u go m8 but dont be a stranger
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Wed Jun 11 2008, 09:43pm

Registered Member #11
Joined: Thu Apr 19 2007, 09:24pm
Posts: 1035
mate............shouldnt you be on latrine duty!!
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Thu Jun 12 2008, 09:26am
The MILF Guy
Registered Member #6
Joined: Thu Apr 19 2007, 09:25am
Posts: 286
All the best for the future Doc
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Thu Jun 12 2008, 03:44pm
The Format Guy

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Joined: Thu Apr 19 2007, 03:44am
Posts: 709
Take Care Doc my good friend
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Thu Jun 12 2008, 05:18pm
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Joined: Wed Nov 28 2007, 06:39pm
Posts: 823
sad to read doc take care mate
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