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Fri Jan 18 2008, 07:31am
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I see from a post on the ATI League forum a new URL and webby is in place...

I do feel slightly bemused by these events given my recent acceptance back into DoWUK and very little effort made to discuss the move or take over.

This does have knock on effects eg DMW the "old" league was DMW approved and has/had access to a number of DMW utilities.

Can we have an upfront discussion about this please.
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Fri Jan 18 2008, 10:00am

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Ehhh, i think at the time.....Jerry was running the League alongside Headhunter

[TEAM] then informed us that they were leaving the ATI , Ripper and myself aslo asked Hunter if i remember correctly would it be ok if we took over the league. And he said yes.

At the time, Jerry had just joined DoWUK so it seemed a natural progression that we would take it over , as A.We were going to anyways with the resignation of TEAM
B.Jerry the only remainin admiin was now in Dowuk

Also, just on a side not, i was never aware or heard of any DMW utilities. Most clans pay for the scanner anyways, so i cant see what the problem would be.

I dont see a need for discussion, ask Rip and Jerry, im sure they can tell you what the deal is

[ Edited Fri Jan 18 2008, 05:53pm ]
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Sat Jan 19 2008, 10:19pm

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At the time, doodles m8 you werent available on a regular time scale for us to discuss anything. You informed Jerry that you would not be hosting the ATI website on your space and could he make other arrangements.

By the time you had decided to come back to DoWUK and that the space wouldnt be an issue too much work had already been done. We had set up a new site which would cater for the 2 ATI leagues both CoD4 and Moh now supported. It was decided between us, that although the offer to stay with your space was made, that the work already done shouldnt be wasted so to keep the new site.

As to the URL.... After speaking to Jerry, he said you had agreed to forward the url to the new space, but as timing was an issue and Jerry wanted the new site fully operational I suggested the new URL to him and he had no objections, so I purchased it...

Again at the time these decisions where being made you position had not been comfirmed and we were working on your original request to find alternative arrangements.

Im sorry if you feel slightly miffed, but as time was a major issue for the league not too lose its momentum then we believed in what we did was for the best.

Also there was an Issue as to control of the webspace etc... Jerry felt and I agreed that the admin team should have full control of the site and have no restrictions, something which even though Jerry had been an Admin before did not have. Jerry is the Admin with GoD status to the site with full ftp and php control, something which he has used to full potential when you see the amount of work he has done over the last few weeks.

I think he is to be commended for his efforts, as the new site is in my opinion excellent.

On a final note: DMW. DoWUK have a Sliver account, which for the running of a league should be good enough. The scanner runs remotely 24/7 on the dedi box so needs no intervention from anyone, if you cant connect to the servers then your not eligible to play. We will be running 2 MoH servers which for the clans who do not have access to a scanned server will be able to use.

Ripper...... Don't feel bemused be thankful the good work you have previously put into the ATI is not going to be lost as we continue to develope the ATI into a mutli-game league.
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Sun Jan 20 2008, 05:43pm
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Mon Jan 21 2008, 12:02am
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nice one glenn
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